Measure Productivity and Quality.

Measure quality. Minimize rework. Mitigate risks. Reduce costs

DiscoveryMetrics delivers proven performance measurement and defensible document review procedures across matter types and review platforms. The DiscoveryMetrics dashboard tracks critical productivity and quality metrics for each reviewer, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and accurately. Are reviewers moving too slowly and jeopardizing discovery deadlines? Are reviewers moving too quickly - and, compromising compliance, or waiving privilege?

DiscoveryMetrics tracks each review attorney’s performance --- for accuracy and speed --- and provides peer comparisons. Our powerful metrics help identify performance outliers immediately --- minimizing rework, mitigating the risk of inadvertent disclosures, and dramatically reducing costs.

Measure Financial Performance. Control Costs.

Alternative Fee Arrangements. More Science. Less Fiction.

Large amounts of electronic data to review. Clients requesting fixed fee arrangements. How many reviewers will be needed? At what cost? How should the engagement be priced? What’s the cost per document for this type of matter? It’s nearly impossible to answer these questions, unless your organization is consistently measuring financial performance across matter types, and across platforms, every time.

A metrics-driven approach to budgeting and pricing is the only intelligent way to craft equitable alternative fee arrangements that work for you and for your clients. DiscoveryMetrics tracks review costs down to the document... every day... for every document review project. And, as daily financial and performance data is collected for each project, a database of historical metrics is being built over time, so future project estimates will be backed by solid data.

Alternative fee arrangements? Simplified....with DiscoveryMetrics



Track Schedules

Production Deadlines... No more surprise endings.

How long will it take to review three million documents? There are multiple variables: types of documents, people, rates.

DiscoveryMetrics eliminates the threat of missed discovery deadlines by tracking daily progress against project deadlines. A scheduling visual indicates whether each review project is on track to meet its deadline, or not. If a project is running behind schedule, DiscoveryMetrics helps assess which variables will most positively impact project deadlines. With DiscoveryMetrics, you will know exactly which resources you need to adjust to ensure timely project completion.

Manage Staffing

Managing performance. Leveling workloads. Maximizing utilization.

Document reviews are performed by people... associates, staff attorneys, contract attorneys... often in different locations.

DiscoveryMetrics helps manage document review teams with work assignments, performance tracking, peer comparisons, timesheets, and staffing resource estimators.

More work than staff in one office, and idle resources elsewhere? DiscoveryMetrics allows the optimization of resources across offices.. Half of the review team can be down the hall; the other half offsite, or offshore. DiscoveryMetrics allows for seamless management of geographically dispersed document review teams from a single dashboard. Leveling workloads and maximizing resource utilization across the enterprise has never been simpler.



Create Reports

Real-time Visibility. Status Reports. On Demand.

Keep Partners, Senior Associates, and clients in the loop at all times.

DiscoveryMetrics is a hosted, web-based service, so any stakeholder can be given access to the project online for constant, real-time visibility... but for those who prefer a quick status report in their email, one-click, graphical status reports are an easy option.